My work

My work with computers began in 1983, but the first time I saw a computer (back then, they were called electronic brains), I was a univeristy student, in 1977. Actually, what I saw were a punched card reader and a printer, both objects of very considerable size and quite noisy. The computer itself was in another building, of which it occupied an entire room. Clearly, since then, I have evolved along with technology (however, I keep a deck of punched cards as a souvenir of those good ole days).

During the ups and downs of my life, and after one quite long professional career (described in my biographic notes and in my curriculum), my activity is no longer limited to simple programming (not just encoding software designed by others, but designing and developing the full program), which still is my core business. The acquired skills and experience enable me to handle many aspects of systems and information technology in an office or in a company, and to give appropriate counseling in several areas.

I must stress that my university education was as a physicist, as at that time there was no faculty of Computer Science or Information Technology (which faculty saw the light on the year I discussed my thesis, and which was founded by my professor Giovanni degli Antoni, which today is rightly mentioned in encyclopedias.) I was told, and I fully agree, that a physicist is called upon to solve problems. I think I am, and actually I am, a physicist who solves problems by using and exploiting information technology tools.

Therefore, I am used to deal with new things, with things I have never seen before, not necessarily ever made by anyone (i did some of this too), but that I have never seen before. And in this regard, I warn you against anybody telling you that a certain thing can't be done. Normally, the sentence "it can't be done," just means "I am not able to do it."

If I personally can not do something, I will tell you clearly, and I will try find for you the right person to do it, if that person exists in my reach and if you can afford him. Because it is never true that "it can't be done." You can do anything (except raise the dead people, maybe, and I am not really sure even of that): you just need enough time and money.