Custom software: free lance computer programmer

I have been designing and implementing solutions and writing programs since ever. A literal lifetime. Therefore, I dare say without false modesty that I am pretty good: surely, I have a lot of experience, and I have in my portfolio many solutions ready for use or reuse in new computer programs or applications.

In all these years I have been working, of course, on many ideas; I wrote libraries and reusable modules, software objects and software classes: therefore, I have functions and libraries and software parts ready for reuse in new programs and custom tailored applications. This makes me a fairly rapid developer of new programs for the computer.

Of course, I also have a number of programs ready for use as threy are, or usable after minor changes.

Contractor programmer

Now, the question is: why to commission and purchase custom software? Do I really need a contractor to fulfill my software needs?

In fact, the software market offers you a wide variety of programs and software products to suit many needs. Many, but not all.

That is, It is useful, and necessary, to create custom software, ie designed around your specific needs, such as I did, for instance, with PhysioPlanet, a complex software package designed for dental implantology.

I am able to design, write and deliver software applications for every need: data management, equipment management, monitoring of industrial production, on different platforms, not just on PCs, and also web-based solutions.

User friendly software

One thing I can say with confidence: my programs have always been defined easy to use, because they are. And this is because this software is custom made to your needs, tailored to you, and it works the way you wanted.

The user friendliness is fundamental for me, first, because I am in my turn a software user. And second, I hate to write manuals, so when a computer program is harder to describe than to change, I usually change it to make it easier to describe: and this makes the software easier for the end user too.