Free software in source code.

Free Software: a magic sound. Actually, one of the most popular Google search.

In this section you will not find free applications, that is, executable programs, ready to donwload and run: instead, the software developer can find functions, classes, ideas ...

You can download and freely use all the code you find here, it is mine. However, you shall quote that you found here the library or function you are using and embedding in your code, and report this site as well. And bear in mind: the source code is mine even if you download and use it. I am sharing it with you, but it is mine and it will be mine.

Here is some sample of source code written by me.

Of course, here there is not all the software I have designed or written in over 30 years of programming activity.

First of all, not everything that I wrote is mine: I can not clearly claim rights on the software I wrote and produced as an employee; also, the software that I have sold the rights exclusively is of course not mine.

What you found posted here is my original code, written by me, and used by me.

These are not academic examples, but working code, usefule, code that I used and use to write programs that are running, sold to my customers and used by them.

It is useful code, ready for immediate use.

Any comment, suggestion, correction, is, of course, the welcome.