Internet websites & web programming

We create professional websites and web applications, and provide web services as well.

Beyond writing the web page and its graphics, we design, write, verify and deliver you also what is behind the scene, the software that the visitor of your site does not see, but that allows a non trivial site to run.

To achieve static and dynamic web sites (we do not like dynamic sites, actually, for several good reasons, but if you really want it dynamic, we can do it very well), we can use the latest tools and technologies, those useful and working, rather than those of fashion: HTML, XHTML, CSS , PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, etc. And, if this is not enough, we even know the meaning of these names and acronyms (many people telling loud these names, actually ignore their meaning at all).

We develope on both Windows/IIS, that is, Microsoft NET.ASP, or, preferably, on the most agile and flexible independent (and free) platform Linux/PHP/MySql.

The end result is the same: web pages viewed by your web surfers, or the provision of services accessible via the Internet: for example, the recording of a payment by PayPal or credit card, the registration and activation of a copy of some software you provide to your customers, or the granting of a specific service as a result of payment, or, say, automatically sending email messagees to a mailing list. And more.

We also learned how to position our sites, that is, hot to give them a good ranking in Google search (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO): strongly believing that it is entirely useless to have a beautiful website that nobody is going to see, we have tried to study how to put a website on the first page of Google: we believe we understood quite well, at least in Italian. and, despite we did not put any particular effort in positioning the English version of this site, searching for "computer programs Brescia" puts us on the fith page, on a total of 4,610,000 results. Try also "vendita acquarelli", that means "selling watercolors". The site was created by us, and the SEO was made by us.

We can provide a complete service from finding the best hosting for your needs, registering of the domain name, up to indexing and ranking of your site through its implementation, or provide advice and/or support such to add services to your web site, by working with you or your programmers or consultants.

Our services

To build a non trivial website is not a trivial thing. We mean, to build your own site, with your name, something like or, where you can put whatever you want, including advertising; not the kind of space some e-mail provider give you more or less free, like, for example,, or something like that. And, above all, a site that is identifiable with you, not with the automatic site generator building sites nice but all alike.

After registering your domain name, the name of the site (usually, you can do that by yourself), you will need some physical storage place where your site will be sitting, that is, a server. No need to buy your server, there are companies who rent servers, or server space, at a bargain price, if your needs are not demanding. For example, this site is hosted at 10 Euros/year, including VAT, it can manage up to 10 email boxes, and is fully PHP 5 and MySql supported.

You can then contact us for any of the following:

  • Advice for hosting, housing, or acquisition of server ownership.
  • Domain name registration and maintenance.
  • Site Architecture: site map, definition and architecture of the database or, when applicable, the architecture of the applications and services.
  • Design and implementation of support software libraries and functions: email management, login and logout, listeners for services support, such as, for example, PayPal.
  • Site implementation: pages writing, interfacing with the background software. Implementation of all the required software, or any part of it.
  • Servicing and maintenance of the site.
  • Care, review, integration and completion of existing sites.
  • Indexing and positioning of the site (or SEO, Search Engine Optimization).
  • Advice for linguistic revision of texts you might provide. We can find the cohoperation of English motherlanguage staff.

As you can see, we can provide the full site, from scratch, or provide only some services. Moreover, if we did not have the expertise or experience to achieve certain aspects (eg, we do not know - yet - how to write Java and Flash applets), we have no problem in finding people who are able to do so.