Aldo Marchioni was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1958. He lives and works in Brescia
Aldo Marchioni
1977-1981 Universitas Studiorum Mediolanensis (University of Milan), Milan
  • M.D. in Physics
  • Degree mark of 109/110
  • Discussion of a thesis about pollution in the ground water of Milan
Main professional experiences
1997-Up today Freelance
Development of general pourpose software (examples)
  • Stand alone software utilities, written in C/C++ (incremental backup of files and folders, FTP trivial access, simply First Note Book on pendrive, localization of software text strings on MS Access)
  • Different software utilities, in C#, VB.NET, (unified connection to MS ACCESS, MsSql, MySql), and VB6 (real estate software, for cross searching of houses and clients)
  • Heavy production of ActiveX reusable components (COM), with and without graphic interface, in C++, for low Windows low level interface, graphic applications, more
Custom software development
  • Integration of package for animal food plant, to track vendors and productions of animal food, according to CE and Italian rules (C#, SQL very complex query and scripting, reporting)
  • Design and implementation of support software for dentist studio, also interfacing and integrating existing packages (Mostly C#, VB.NET, some C++)
  • Program for simulation of insertion of dental implants
  • Image processing, physical realization of 3D objects, definition and implementation of three-dimensional graphical models for medical purpose. Construction of three-dimensional graphical representations of anatomical structures. Mixed environment, VB6 interfacing COM objects written in C++
  • Program for simulation of insertion of dental implants, or computer aided dental implantology. Mixed environment, VB6 interfacing COM objects written in C++
  • Complete implementation of the software for a 5 axis robot for dental applications, with driver implementation interface to CANopen protocol
  • Design and development of modular packages for production data acquisition, for process and quality control, VB5 and VB6 with low level C++ dll modules
  • Joining an existing team to extend and integrate ERP package JD Edwards OneWorld, end user Franchi Armi of the Beretta group
  • Design and development of a package for the design of modular electrical panels, with graphic interface. The program allows the realization of modular electrical cabinets, from the catalog of components, with full check of components compatibility. VB5 then VB6
  • Collaboration for the realization of the catalog of the companies certified by IMQ, leader of Italian Quality certification
  • Design and development of database and of the management program for the editing of computerized catalogs, VB5 then VB6
  • Collaboration for the realization of the catalog of the companies certified by IMQ, leader of Italian Quality certification
Internet and WEB programming
  • Design and publication of Internet sites, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CMS, AJAX
  • Planning and implementation of Web applications: management of site users (registration, login, logout), personalized emails, ecommerce, PayPal interface, special and custom Internet applications
  • Managing and maintenance of internet sites, with some Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Technical assistance and consulting
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of local area networks, installation and configuration of routers, switches and firewalls, both hardware and software
  • Service and support in the installation and maintenance of systems, networks, special devices, especially for medical use
  • IT assistance and consulting for small and medium offices, coordination and optimization of IT resources
  • Installation, configuration, design and maintenance of database: MSAccess, MSSQL, MySQL
1995-1997 CJB Brescia
Senior software developer
  • Software on dedicated hardware for automation and handling of industrial plants. C and Assembler, cross compiled
  • Low level PLC software, namely, designing of modules for the implementation of a PLC engine on QNX platform (Unix like system with real time features)
  • Dedicated software for controlling chemical plants: management of the kitchen for textile chemical preparation, VB3
  • Special application for cell phone traffic monitoring, authorized and legal usage (end user, the police department), in C/C++
  • Serial (RS232) communication protocols, synchronous and asynchronous, generic and dedicated, C and Assembler
  • Generic core and high level software libraries, C/C++ and Assembler
1994-1995 Freelance
Custom software development
  • Special application for cell phone traffic monitoring, authorized usage, written in C/C++
  • Acquisition and processing of medical images for use on behalf of Spedali Civili di Brescia (Hospital Corporation of Brescia), software written in C
1988-1994 Seltering S.p.A., Brescia
Software developer
  • Package for process quality control and SPC, in C language
  • Publishing applications: control of paging for national interest newspaper, in C language
  • Development and maintenance of core libraries, in C language and Assembler
  • Applications for monitoring of industrial plants, in C language
  • Management applications in the insurance industry, dedicated development tool
1987-1988 Cortis Lentini Bergamo
Software developer
  • Software for quality control in textile and engineering industries, FORTRAN and Pascal
  • Handling of physical stores: movement of physical items, FORTRAN
  • Development and maintenance of core libraries and software tools, FORTRAN and Pascal
1984-1987 Microcontrol S.r.l. Brescia
Software developer
  • Dedicated software for microprocessor measurement machinery, C language and Assembler
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC), full package development, in C language
  • Factory plant data monitoring, in GWBASIC
1980-1982 Università degli studi di Milano (University of Milan)
  • Paid collaboration, pre and post-graduation, with the Institute of Cybernetics of the University of Milan, for a research on the pollution of the Milan aquifer
  • Development of mathematical models for the classification of pollution data of the Milan aquifer
Operating systems
  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux/Qnx
  • DOS
  • Dedicated systems and microprocessors
Programming languages
  • C, C++
  • .NET group (VB.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#)
  • PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Java
  • Visual Basic (VB6)
  • Assembly, mainly Intel
  • Basic, GWBasic
  • Pascal
  • Some Lisp
  • A few less important, forgotten by any alive programmer
  • Data base managemente and design: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL