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Dott. Aldo F. Marchioni
Via Pietro dal Monte 16, 25123 Brescia, Italy
Phone: +39 030 3384849, +39 348 3351903 (mobile), +39 346 6662250 (mobile)

Active in IT since the very beginning (before the introduction of the personal computer), contractor, consultant and free lance designer of custom software since 1997, I live and work in Brescia, in northern Italy. Latley, I am active in Riga, Latvia, too.

My experience, spanning over thirty years, qualifies me as software engineer, programmer, software analyst, architect and author of many important projects and large and complex programs for computers.

IT consultant, with a broad vision of IT issues relating to many different sectors, I can design and manage quite complex information systems, databases and computer networks.

I am ready, able and willing to take contracts and/or a permanent job everywhere, in Europe and more further.

My main skills - what I can do for you:

  • Custom Software: software engineer, designer and developer since the very beginning, I design and write the robust software, really user friendly, for PC or other platforms, desktop or web based. I can choose any of several programming language, it is not an issue: C#, VB.NET, C/C++, VB6, Assembly, Delphi/Pascal, PHP, JaveScript, name it, and, after so many I have learned, I know how to master any programming language in weeks, if not in days.
  • Software products: computer programs, software and utilities for your PC ready to install and use. Also freeware.
  • Software tools for developers: libraries and reusable components for computer programmers and software developers. If you are a designer and you are writing any pc program, I could have ready the right library that solves your problems. Or maybe I have already faced and solved your same problem. Contact me.
  • IT consulting: design, installation and maintenance of computers, computer networks, servers, LANs and VPNs, Internet connectivity, support and advice during the purchase of hardware and software.
  • Design, installation, maintenance and administration of databases: MSSQL, MySQL, Access
  • Web applications for the Internet: professional website design and creation, indexing and ranking of web sites (SEO, or Search Engine Optimization), maintenance, web services, web programming (ASP.NET and PHP), e-commerce, mailing lists management, online reservations, more.