Software products: programs ready to use

In this area you can find my off the shelf software programs, ready for you to use. The list is not completed, it shall updated with time, when I have time.

All my programs are available in trial version (ie, testing), and some of them are freeware: of course, a donation is always welcome. You can download them at will, install them, if necessary (not all my programs require installation, for some of them the copy of one single file is enough), and test them for some time. Upon trial expiration the program itself will warn you that you need registration to activate your program copy.

In some cases, the unregistered program does not have all the features and benefits of the registered version.

If you like the program, and you have found it useful, you have just to buy the cheap license, and activate your copy. If not, you have just to uninstall the program.

Also in this section you will find the user manual for each program. This documentation is constantly updated.