User reference manual

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If you have not already done so, you must first download WiseCopy, going to the download page. You can also directly from download the installation wizard, reccomended.


More advanced users can install WiseCopy manually. However, there is a setup package Wizard.

Manual installation

WiseCopy does not need installation. In fact, the application is made only by the executable file WiseCopy.exe. Therefore, you can simply copy WiseCopy.exe to any folder (or even more than one), and run it from there.

If you want to keep a copy of the program on your desktop, remember that WiseCopy creates a configuration file, WiseCopy.ini, in the same folder where the executable program resides. Therefore, if WiseCopy.exe is on the desktop, after the first run you will see also that WiseCopy.ini file on the PC desktop. If you do not want this, please copy WiseCopy.exe to any folder, and create a shortcut on the desktop.

To keep on your PC more than one copy of WiseCopy can be handy, since each copy stores a copy of the configuration, so if you have two or three operations that you use to perform often, you can keep two or three copies of WiseCopy in two or three different folders, so you will need no more to change any times the parameters for the copy.

If your system is Vista or later (ie, Vista or Windows 7), be aware that a program, for reasons quite complicated to explain, originating from some wild innovation delivered by geniuses on Microsoft payroll, can not write anything in C:\Program Files or any subfolder , unless you always run as administrator, and, at any run, you give your consent to "alter your system" (on the delirious concepts of Microsoft UAC, that was introduced with Vista, exists a vast literature. Feel free to research on the subject). Therefore, avoid copying WiseCopy.exe in C:\Program Files or any subfolder, it will not work correctly.

Setup wizard

It is much easier to run the setup wizard . This brings some advantages:

  • The program is installed, by default, to a correct folder
  • A shortcut to the program can be created on your desktop
  • You will find a shortcut to the program in the main menu of your PC (the start button)
  • In the same position you will find a link to rhe uninstall wizard procedure
  • The file extension TWC (Task for WiseCopy) is registered , and is associated to WiseCopy
  • A copy of the utility AFMvistaLock for recording the program on Vista and Win7 is installed

The installation package is an executable file called WiseCopy_X.X.X.X.exe, where X.X.X.X is the version number. After downloading it, run it by double clicking on its icon. Alternatively, depending on your internet browser, you could also run it from the Internet.

Select your preferred language for installation, and follow the simple instructions that appear on the screen.